Email city council to request bike staff

About this campaign

Each year, the City of Norfolk creates a budget that City Council votes on in late Spring. This budget cycle, we would like to see more resources allocated to development, planning, and maintenance of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. The department of Transit has requested more staff, especially for bike-ped facility maintenance, and it will help to have many public voices supporting this.

Get involved

You can help by sending an email to the decision makers using the form below. We’ve provided a sample message – feel free edit it & add details that make it meaningful to you!

    The decision makers

    These are the following city council & staff members who will receive your email:

    Kenny Alexander, Mayor

    John Stevenson, Director of Transit

    Martin Thomas, Vice Mayor, Ward 1

    Courtney Doyle, Ward 2

    Mamie Johnson, Ward 3

    John Paige, Ward 4

    Thomas Smigiel, Ward 5

    Andria McClellan, Superward 6

    Danica Royster, Superward 7