Spinclusion History

Virginia Beach/ Norfolk, VA

Spinclusion is a volunteer run program that takes seniors, veterans and the disabled on free bicycle rides on adaptive electrical bicycles, empowering them to live a healthy, active, inclusive, and fun lifestyle. Providing trishaw rides is really about connecting people—passengers, pilots, and the public—with each other.

Spinclusion was founded by Diane Haupt to give others the opportunity to have the same feeling she experiences when riding through our beautiful communities. She is driven by a desire to get involved and to make a real difference in the community by creating relationships between people. The program will build relationships and bring people together from different generations and areas of the community and better integrate elderly and disabled people into community life.  For elderly residents who may be isolated and no longer mobile and would not otherwise go out, they will have a new chance to get out and about, to connect with others, and to experience the community and nature up close up from the trishaw, triggering happy memories and/or giving them new experiences. Local volunteer pilots will meet and connect with passengers and improve their health while giving rides and learn life and job skills as part of the wider project. Local retirement homes and other staff of support groups will increase their capacity for community outings, including developing new skills in taking their client groups on local bike rides.

Please visit our website for further information or click here to see a video of a trishaw in action. We are currently in the process of scheduling rides and partnering with facilities and organizations in the Hampton Roads community.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in being a part of this exciting new project. Together we can start improving the lives of so many elderly, disabled and isolated people in the Hampton Roads area by allowing them to get out and about. Together we can build many new relationships within our great community. Thank you for your interest in Spinclusion!

Spinclusion is supported with donations. Tax deductible donations may be made here: