Where does the city council vote on the bike lane stand today?

We believe that without this campaign and most importantly your action, this project is likely to be cancelled. We also believe that with positive action we can win council member votes and build this bike lane. 

So far, a small but vocal group opposes the bike lane and city council members are telling us they aren’t hearing from enough supporters. The opposition is organized. They are collecting names of people against the project. They have started organizing civic league votes against the project. They are emailing and meeting with city council members. 

That is why we are dedicated to spending hundreds of Bike Norfolk volunteer hours organizing this campaign and asking for your support. We can win council votes but it will take work and action.

As of today, we have one council member, Andria McClellan, committed to voting for this bike lane. We have 7 other council members that fall between the range of unknown to undecided but likely to support if they hear from you. 

A really good thing is that no council members seem to have decided against the project. We believe the other 7 are open to hearing from you to help them come to a voting position. 

What has me most optimistic of all, is that I believe that with your support, we will definitely get this facility built, resulting in a safer street for all users, less speeding on the road section, less frequent and less severe injuries to motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Please take time today to be one of the first 100 supporters to complete our action steps!

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