Cycling Without Age – Norfolk / Virginia Beach

Cycling Without Age Norfolk – Virginia Beach is a non-profit organization in partnership with Bike Norfolk. We are currently in the fundraising stage to purchase trishaw bikes to offer bike rides (with electric assist!) to seniors and people with disabilities by volunteer cyclist pilots. Founder Diane Haupt just finished a cross-country bicycle trip to raise funds, read about her adventures here: Diane cycles across country
Norfolk – Virginia Beach chapter.


Cycling Without Age began in 2012 by Ole Kassow who wanted to help older adults experience the numerous benefits of bicycling again despite their limited mobility. His answer was offering free bike rides to local nursing home residents on specially crafted trishaws. At present (March 2021), more than 2,500 chapter locations around the world ensure that the elderly and disabled get out on trishaw bikes to enjoy the fresh air and the community around them as well as the right to wind in their hair.


The goals of CWA Norfolk – Virginia Beach are twofold:
1. For riders, the opportunity to:
– Feel a part of society, reducing isolation
– Experience their neighborhood and nature from close up
– Share stories 
– “Feel the wind in their hair” 
2. For pilots, the opportunity to:
– Share their time and energy
– Slowdown from their hectic lives
– Share conversation in a gentle and caring activity
– Enjoy the physical benefits of cycling


We have currently raised $23,000 and are in the process of looking for corporate sponsors to reach our goal of $30,000 to purchase two trishaws. If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor or know of anyone who might be, please fill out the form below. While raising the remaining funds, we are investigating the best trishaws to purchase for our program along with a trailer and storage location. Our goal is to have the program up and running by the Spring of 2022.
Launching of the Virginia Beach/Norfolk Chapter of CWA is a multistep endeavor involving the establishment of community connections and relationships. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or know of any residents in the community who would benefit from the program, please fill out the form below. We are in need of volunteers to become trained as pilots, captains to organize rides from specific locations, and people for the general administration of the program.

Considering a tax deductible donation to Cycling Without Age Norfolk – Virginia Beach?

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If you prefer to write a check please make check out to Bike Norfolk and write CWA in memo line of your check and mail to:
Diane Haupt
2254A Maple St
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


As a Corporate Sponsor, you can show your commitment to the elderly in our community and build on the goodwill already developed by Cycling Without Age Virginia Beach/Norfolk.
For $5,000 your corporate logo will be prominently displayed on all trishaws, our website, and on our Facebook page.
For $2,000 your corporate logo will be displayed on our website and Facebook page.


If you feel like making someone’s day by giving a bicycle ride through a neighborhood, along the boardwalk or Elizabeth River trail, or even down memory lane, then become a pilot with Cycling Without Age Virginia Beach/Norfolk is for you. You can make a difference in the community while meeting new people and even getting some free exercise. As long as you can ride a bicycle and have a desire to help others, there is plenty of space for you. Chapter pilots are everyone from directors to senior citizens and students and training will be provided to make sure you are comfortable in your new position.


Use your promotional and administrative skills to help organize the fun! We are in need of individuals to spread the Cycling Without Age Story by hosting presentations for locations that may benefit from the program as well as fundraising. Promotional materials and training will be provided. You will work to improve the lives of our elderly residents by networking with nursing homes and senior centers. Captains are not required to pilot the trishaw so age and physical ability pose no limits. All that is required is creativity and drive to improve the lives of our elderly.